Posted on July 18th, 2012

Green stool can occur resulting from a typical or benign problem rather than be a trigger for concern. For instance, it's possible you'll create green stool immediately after consuming specific iron-rich meals or iron dietary supplements, leafy green vegetables, or merchandise with green meals coloring

Additionally, a newborn child will normally pass thick, sticky and dark green stools (called meconium) for the initial number of days just after birth. Breast-fed babies may perhaps also have greenish stool.

Green stool may also be a symptom of several intestinal issues that interfere using the regular digestion procedure, including Salmonella meals poisoning. As food passes with the digestive system, a yellow-green fluid known as bile that aids digest meals changes colour, resulting in a stool which is light to dark brown. Nevertheless, when an infection for example Salmonella leads to diarrhea, meals and feces pass with the digestive tract promptly prior to altering to a brown colour.
Disease-related causes of green stool

Green stool could be brought about by the following disorders:

Bacterial infection

Celiac illness (extreme gluten intolerance that damages the little intestine )

Consuming disorder, for instance binge consuming and abusing laxatives

Giardia (protozoan infection)

Intestinal cancer

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS; digestive discomfort that won't result in intestinal injury or really serious disorder)

Pseudomembranous colitis (frequently on account of overgrowth of C. difficile bacteria just after a program of antibiotics for yet another bacterial infection)

Salmonella or E. coli food poisoning

Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu)

Medication- and food-related causes of green stool

Green stool might be induced by dietary supplements along with other ingested substances which include:

Breast milk

Sure antibiotics, which may lead to antibiotic-associated diarrhea and progress to pseudomembranous colitis

Consuming green crayons

Green meals coloring, for example these in drinks or popsicles

Iron supplements


Leafy green vegetables, which are rich in iron

Issues for diagnosing the cause of green stool

To diagnose the underlying reason for green stool, your physician or licensed wellbeing care practitioner will request you numerous inquiries associated with your signs. You may greatest help your well being care practitioner in diagnosing the underlying reason behind green stool by supplying complete solutions to these inquiries:

When did the green stool start out?

What is the colour, texture and frequency of your bowel movements?

What medications, vitamins and dietary supplements have you been taking?

Do you might have any other signs?

What exactly are the possible complications of green stool?

Green stool might be ordinary, however it may also be triggered by a serious intestinal infection or other disorder. It is crucial to make contact with your wellness care provider when you develop a persistent color adjust inside your stool. When the underlying bring about is diagnosed, following the remedy strategy which you as well as your wellness care provider design and style especially for you might help reduce any potential problems including:

Dehydration from loss of fluids

Reduced potassium ranges

Malabsorption syndrome




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